Besides our fixed photo hides we also offer custom made tours with focus on bird and wildlife photography. We are well aware that birdwatchers and bird photographers have different needs, so on our bird photography tours we spend as much time as necessary with our targets, just to make sure you get the best photos possible. A photo is not enough - a great photo is the aim! A Northern Birding photography tour is normally a combination of one or more of our well prepared hides and more random photography of our "birds of the season".

Birds such as the three-toed woodpecker can easily be photographed
without using a hide. A typical "bird of the season" some years.
We spend a lot of time out in the field every season to find and learn to know our "birds of the season". This can be a breeding woodpecker, owl, diver or a new favoured fishing spot for a Dipper. We also have a huge net of contacts around, giving us access to new and up-to-date locations of photographable birds and animals.

Please contact us for suggestions and booking.

Even a Blue Tit can be a mind-blowing subject for photography under the right circumstances. These are the kind of scenes you can get access to on our photography tours. Photo by Terje Kolaas

Dipper - a bird of April - June or November - February. Photo by Terje Kolaas 
Common Eider - a bird of November - May. Photo by Terje Kolaas
Tengmalm`s Owl - a bird of April - early June. Photo by Terje Kolaas

Black-throated Divers - birds of May - June. Photo by Terje Kolaas

Whooper Swans - birds from november - April. Photo by Terje Kolaas

Pink-footed Geese - birds from April - May and September - November. Photo by Terje Kolaas