Northern Birding is a small birdingtour company situated in Levanger near the middle of Norway, approximately 50 kilometers north of Trondheim Airport Værnes.

The company is run and owned by birder and photographer Terje Kolaas and most of the tours are guided by him in person. Read a short biography here and check out his photos, videos, sound recordings and travel reports here;  or here;
Terje Kolaas

Northern Birding is convinced that the best way to protect and preserve our natural world is to enhance people’s knowledge about, and understanding of our flora and fauna. We believe that an effective approach to such an objective is to make nature available for everyone in a controlled and well organized manner.

Northern Birding operates with respect and humility for Mother Nature, and the well being of wildlife is never compromised on our excursions. Consequently we organize trips for individuals and smaller groups of people rather than large crowds.

We hope that you find what you are looking for on our web pages and in our grand nature. Feel free to contact us anytime for questions regarding our birds.