Season; December - March 
Cost; 200 Euro pr person pr session
Booking; email here

You are hopefully about to experience a close encounter of the Northern Goshawk. The following details can help you to prepare and to make sure that you get the most out of your night – AND to make sure that the birds are not disturbed by your presence.

YOUR GUIDE, Mr. Terje Kolaascan be reached on phone +4790836246 or mail terjekolaas@runbox.no

MEETING POINT AND TIME is at the roundabout at Mule just north of Levanger about 1 hour before sunrise (to be appointed in front). The address to be found here. From the meeting point we will drive about 10 minutes. You are welcome to leave the hide 30 minutes after sunset (unless the birds are still there!) . NEVER sooner than that, and NEVER during your stay and in daylight. If the raptor sees you enter or exit the hide, it will not show up again.

WALKING TO THE HIDE will only take 3 minutes. The bog can be wet, so water proof shoes are recommended

THE HIDE is a well isolated wooden hide. It is small, but comfortable for two photographers. It is equipped with chairs, a heater and bean bags for cameras. It is also possible to bring your own tripod if prefered. The hide has primitive toilet facilities, so please prepare as well as possible in front. There is 4G cell phone connection on the site (with Telenor).

WHAT GEAR TO BRING is always a matter of your taste. Since it is a very short walk, we recommend to bring both your short and your longest lenses. The distance to the bird can be as close as ten meters. The birds are sensitive to fast movements and sounds, so move your lens very carefully and dont make any noise! Normal shutter sound is no problem, though.

WHAT CLOTHINGS TO WEAR is again a matter of taste and your personal preference, but water proof boots and anything that keeps you warm on the feet is nice. The heater will keep your body warm.

THE GOSHAWK ROUTINE is somewhat unpredictable and differ from individual to individual, but it tends to visit the bait once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Sometimes it will show up in the middle of the day in stead, and once in a while it will not show up at all. That`s nature. Your guide will inform you about the actual birds routines. 

THE SCENE is prepared with several nice branches and trees for the hawk to land on on its way to and from the bait. The bait is normally hidden on the ground and will not be visible on your photo. If you stay several days, you are welcome to suggest different locations for the bait, suiting your preferences. Jays, Woodpeckers and small passerines usually visits the place as well. 

Please bring everything you brought into the hide back with you when you leave. And we always appreciate a phone call or a sms confirming that everything went fine and that the raptor experience was beyond all expectations :)