Season; June 10th - June 20th
Cost; 250 Euro pr person pr session. Minimum two persons per night - max 4 persons per night
Booking; email here

You are about to experience the amazing theater of lekking Great snipes. The following details can help you to prepare and to make sure that you get the most out of your night – AND to make sure that the birds are not disturbed by your presence.

YOUR GUIDE, Mr. Terje Kolaas, can be reached on phone +4790836246 or mail

MEETING POINT AND TIME is at the YX gas station at Gråmyra just south of Levanger at 18:00. The address to be found here. From there we drive for about 30 minutes up to the mountains where you park your car for the night. Please inform us in front of your arrival if you do not intend to bring your own car. If so, we will gladly transport you and pick you up the next morning for an additional cost of 100 Euro. Unless you have prepaid for your stay in the hide, please make sure to bring payment here.

WALKING TO THE HIDE will take about 45 minutes. The distance is a little bit less than 3 km. Most of the way we will follow a well marked track. The last part is pretty steep, but no worry – we will take it slow. The bog will be wet, so water proof shoes are absolutely necessary. We recommend to dress light for the walk, but to bring more cloths to wear when settled in the hide.

THE HIDE is a DOG-HOUSE pop-up-blind with a ground square of 170x170 cm. It is equipped with a camping chair, a plastic floor and a sleeping pad. The hide is not heated, so the temperature inside will be equal to the one outside, which in June can be anything from 0 to 10 degrees C. It is an absolutely must to bring a sleeping bag to keep warm. We`re glad to provide a warm sleeping bag for an additional cost of 50 Euro on request. The hide has no toilet facilities, so please bring your prefered facility or prepare the way that suit you most. It is not possible to leave the hide during night, so prepare for 10 hours. There is marginal cell phone connection on the site (with Telenor), but calls and sms is possible. 

WHAT GEAR TO BRING is always a matter of your taste. Even if it is a pretty hard walk, we recommend to bring both your short and your longest lenses. A tripod is essential since the light will be limited and fast lenses (f-stop 2,8 - 4) are always to be prefered. Some of the birds can be as close as 1 meter away from the hide, so even wide angels can be useful. The birds are not sensitive to fast movements and sounds, so you can switch lenses and use all the windows in the hide during the night.

The light at the site is for some reason challenging for the automatic white-balance adjustments of any camera model, that consequently adjust too cool. We strongly recommend you to shoot raw-files, to make the correct adjustments later on.

WHAT CLOTHINGS TO WEAR is again a matter of taste and your personal preference, but water proof boots and anything that keeps you warm through the night is necessary. If you prefer to photograph on a low level you have to lay down on the wet floor and water proof trousers and a water proof jacket is needed to keep you dry.

THE GREAT SNIPE ROUTINE is predictable and normally goes like this;

Depending on their mood, they start the lekking anytime between 20 and 23 o`clock. They WILL show up in any type of weather – even snow and wind. Their entrance can be as good as invisible – they are just suddenly there! The first hour the birds can be heard singing from a hidden position in the gras or in the willow in the outskirts of the arena. The darker it gets, the more active the birds gets and at midnight they go crazy. The birds are not shy, so you are welcome to have all windows and doors open, without disturbing the birds.

Once in a while the birds pauses their lekking. This is normal behavour and they will soon take up the activity again.

The females are watching the show from the outskirt of the arena and are very, very rarely seen from the hides.

The lekking will fade out anytime between 04 and 08 in the morning. When the last bird has left the scene you are welcome to leave the hide, but never earlier than 07 o`clock to prevent disturbance to the lek. Please put the hide together and leave it where your guide showed you.

The walk back to your car is easy and will take about 30 minutes.  

Please bring everything you brought into the hide back with you when you leave. And we always appreciate a phone call or a sms confirming that everything went fine and that the lekking experience was beyond all expectations :)